Imlay Township Cemetery Regulations

Cemetery Pricing Information

Cemetery Space for Resident $600.00
Cemetery Space for Non-Resident $900.00
Grave Openings - Township Resident $550.00
Saturday Grave Openings - Township Resident $750.00
Sunday Grave Openings - Township Resident $1,000.00
Grave Openings for Non-Resident $750.00
Saturday Grave Openings for Non-Resident $1,100.00
Sunday Grave Openings for Non-Resident $1,500.00
Cremains - Saturday $325.00
Cremains - Sunday $650.00
Infant Spaces $150.00
Infant Grave Openings $150.00
Chapel Rent $125.00
Mausoleum Space Contact the Imlay Township
Office for pricing.
  • We require a 48 hour notice for a grave opening. There will be an extra charge for less than 48 hour notice.
  • No Tents from December 1st thru March 31st
  • Foundations - Contact Jerry Pewinski for questions.